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Managing social media platforms

Social networks have become one of the largest sources of customers for most international companies and one of the most important channels of e-marketing because it is the only tool that allows you to communicate with your customers at any time and in every way and repeatedly that supports your ability to explain your products, services and offers to your customers, and enhances your customer loyalty For your brand, and if you still haven’t gone to marketing via social networks, then you missed a lot and you must start immediately……

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What do we offer you when managing your accounts on social networking sites??

What Rabeh team does to manage social media accounts for your company or organization is:


Provide assistance and support to your customers who are interested in your services or products and transfer them in the form of reports

Content Creation

Writing and creating content for your business and maintaining the brand image

Respond to comments

Respond to all customer comments and transfer them to messages

The most common questions !

We've compiled a list of answers to common questions.

Because the customer life cycle must begin with branding and end with customer loyalty. The importance of social media networks, which depend on continuous communication with the customer, facilitates the definition of the brand, the service provided, and the creation of an image. mentality to achieve customer loyalty, in addition to obtaining potential customers (leads) to achieve the final and most important goal of the marketing process, which is to increase sales

  1. Team leader (dynamo, transmission gear, team balance stick, manages, directs, follows up on implementation and results, and communicates with clients).
  2. Content writer (creative, idea machine, voracious reader, with a distinctive rhetorical style).
  3. Graphic designer (talented in expression using images, dealing with brushes and colors, has great experience in various graphics programs).
  4. Account manager (the owner of the final touch, he is responsible for the form in which publications are published and the timing in which they are published).

To answer this question, it is necessary to know that managing social media accounts can be of a value or ten times the same value, and the difference between the two packages is in the number of social networks that are published on and the number of publications and monthly designs, which start with 4 publications. per month, and it can reach 30 or 40, and also the rate of access, and it may be for 100,000 people per month, and it may be for millions.

Therefore, you must select the most suitable social media package for you:

First, determine your marketing budget and know your market position in terms of the spread of your brand, your market share, and your targets.

Secondly, the most appropriate distribution of your budget between managing social media accounts and search engine marketing, to determine the most appropriate budget and therefore the right package for you.

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At Marketing Cairo social media (i.e., Facebook, Instagram, Google) is at the heart of what we do, and we have designed four outstanding packages that are sure to meet your needs!










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