Website Monitoring

Website Monitoring is an all-encompassing term for any activity that involves testing a website or web service for availability, performance, or function. A Website Monitoring service checks and verifies that the site is up and working and site visitors can use the site as expected.

What types of Website Monitoring are there?

Availability monitoring

Availability is about uptime, or in other words, making sure a website or service is always accessible and to some degree functional. Availability can involve web services, domains, and pages.

Basic website and API monitoring

hese basic monitors check for a successful response or a specific response from websites and APIs that support HTTP protocol, and they may perform basic authentication. Basic availability monitors can also measure the timing and size of the response and issue alerts for slow response times. HTTP(S) monitors do not load the content into a browser, but the monitoring service may check the response for the presence or absence of specified words, phrases, or a regular expression.

Why you should get the service

If the website’s availability, performance, and function are mission critical for a business or an organization, Website Monitoring is essential. For most businesses, a properly functioning website is important whether the site provides marketing collateral, e-commerce, or a service. The competition awaits just a few clicks away, and frustrated end users will abandon a down, poorly performing, or malfunctioning site and do business with the competing site instead.

Server availability

As long as a server or device recognizes TCP/IP protocol, a monitoring service can verify availability for the device and selected ports. A monitoring service can check the availability as frequently as once per minute preventing costly downtime and lost productivity over the web or behind the firewall.

These specialized automated monitors verify DNS records, check for proper configuration of SSL certificates, query databases, log into email servers, and download files from FTP servers.

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